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Year Long Alarm - Level Design/Scripting/Environment Art 


Year Long Alarm

Year Long Alarm is my first attempt at building a Half Life 2 single player experience. The two levels took around 5 months, in total, to construct. The final product is packed in an easy to install mod, and launches from inside of steam.


For this level I took a rather scientific approach to its development. I would send chunks of the experience to playtesters and have them record demo files of their play-throughs. Once finished, I would have a series of questions ready so I could collect data on their experiences. The demo files allowed me to see in real time how they approached playing through the level, and how they went about solving my various puzzles. I was then able to make changes based off of their feedback, and ultimately create a stronger level.

Download Link from Run Think Shoot Live

Reviews from Run Think Shoot Live

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