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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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de_distillery was a personal project that has the goals of learning more about tactical shooters, try something different than the standard Counter-Strike levels, and to be a farewell to the Source Engine as it is my last planned level for the Source Engine. I knew from the beginning I wanted to do something that would be special to me, and an ambitious project if it were to be a proper farewell. I teamed up with my good friend Jon Hickenbottom to tackle a new CSGO level with a bunch of custom assets. 
We split the responsibilities for the level by having me blockout and built the level, and do all asset placement, while Jon was responsible for the creating of all of the custom models and materials, with the exception of the beautiful ambulance which was done by Brian Dale.

Distillery is essentially a love letter to Edinburgh Scotland, a city that my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting and fell in love with. Armed with a mountain of reference photos, I decided to build a level around a fictional distillery named Ben Og (Roughly translates to Young Mountain) that sits in the middle of Edinburgh. From the initial planning of the level, I knew that I wanted to have one interior and one exterior bomb site. This would serve as an easy landmarking method, but also allowed me to try and tackle a more specific goal I had in mind. I wanted the exterior bomb site to push the limits of what may make CS players comfortable in terms of openess. Given the lethality of Counter-Strike this is a risky and challenging thing to consider. This gave way to some considerations in how the Counter Terrorists would cross over to mid, and how the Terrorists could access the exterior bomb site. After playtesting with friends, and then having the level placed in the Mapcore hub, I was able to refine some of the design choices for the level, and ultimately land somewhere that I am proud of.

Special thanks to Spencer Rose, Adam Engles, Shawn Olson, Mapcore, Carlos Montero, Dan Escabedo, and Ryan Harvey to name a few who helped with Source Engine Debugging and Playtesting.  

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