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Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima
  • Designed and laid out numerous locations throughout the island of Tsushima

  • Provided art passes on laid out locations

  • Collaborated with mission designers to provide additional location support and mission feedback

  • Implemented technical mark-up for the world through in house technology

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends
  • Collaborated directly with the Lead Level Designer to design zones in Kings Canyon

  • Established visual and gameplay themes for mutliple zones

  • Ensured zone design was cohesive with the macro design of Kings Canyon

  • Mentored new level designers during the production of Kings Canyon

Titanfall 2
  • Designed, built, and detailed the singleplayer level Trial By Fire and co-designed The Fold Weapon

  • Provided Environment Art support on the levels Blood and Rust, Effect and Cause, and The Fold Weapon

  • Designed and built two multiplayer levels Blackwater Canal and Exoplanet

  • Prototyped new gamemodes for multiplayer

  • Worked closely with a small team to help establish the feel of Titan combat in singleplayer

  • Designed two campaign multiplayer levels Outpost 207 and Demeter.

  • Responsible for finishing the design of Training Ground.

  • Detailed and worked closely with art on Outpost 207, Demeter, and Training Ground

id Software

​Doom 4
  • Designed and built three singleplayer levels for the Doom 4 Campaign experience.

  • Implemented combat across designed levels

  • Collaborated with other mechanics for the singleplayer experience

  • Designed several multiplayer levels

  • Prototyped multiplayer game modes

Gearbox Software

  • Designed and built multiple singleplayer/coop levels

  • Implemented combat, story elements, and scripting into designed levels

  • Collaborated with other designers to help define coop mechanics

  • Prototyped boss battles using Unreal 3's Kismet system.

RedStorm Entertainment

​Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
  • Built out environments while keeping the design vision intact

  • Worked closely with groups of artists to tackle a series of levels

  • Modeled terrain and detailed world for the levels Depot, Plantation, and Rooftop.

America's Army: True Soldiers
  • Built Gun Range while keeping the design vision intact

  • Modeled terrain and detailed world from reference

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