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Ghost of Tsushima - Senior Level Designer 

The images below showcase the work of many members of the Ghost of Tsushima team.

Ghost of Tsushima is easily the largest project I have worked on in terms of sheer space. A gorgeous sprawling island, set in feudal Japan during the Mongol Invasions, made for an amazing world to design spaces for. Especially coming from someone who has primarily worked in Sci-Fi their whole career. 


My job as a Senior Level Designer on the project was to build a bridge between the Mission Design team and the Environment Art team, while being a conduit of communication between the two teams. One of my primary responsibilities was to design and build locations for the mission team that would cater to their mission needs, or to design locations so they could provide interesting combat opportunities should a Mission Designer choose that location for a future mission. For most locations I worked on, I would have discussions with the assigned artist for that location, and then would do a prop placement pass before handing over to the artist. This often ensured that Level Design and Environment Art were on the same page, and gave us time to iron out any potential issues before I moved on to other locations. 

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